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The Miseducation of Jesse Jagz – “Jagz Nation Vol 2: The Royal Niger Company”

Don’t get it twisted. Beyond the dreadlocks, the weed and the snoop-dogg inspired persona, Jesse is an even harder guy to read. Jesse loves being that guy that polarizes audiences. You either like him or hate him.

Since his parting from Chocolate City, Jagz has been on an aggressive mission of personal reinvention, a distant departure from the ‘packaged product’ earlier peddled by the Choc City music factory.

Gone are the crew cuts, designer shades, bomber jackets and sleek rhymes of 2010’s ‘Jagz of All Trades’. Replacing them are camouflage gear, spiky dreadlocks and raw, gritty, incendiary lyrics that permeates ‘Jagz Nation Vol 1: Thy Nation Come’ in 2013.

Jesse Jagz will be releasing the second volume of the Jagz Nation chronicles, his third studio album, titled “Jagz Nation Vol.2: The Royal Niger Company” in days and in a newly released video he takes the time to educate Jagz fans and detractors alike on his creative process and most especially the rationale behind his very eclectic album cover.

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